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Downward Trend

March 23, 2011 by Laura

Sometimes, it’s hard to take your own advice. Like when I tell myself, “Don’t let the numbers on the scale dictate your mood for the day.” That doesn’t always work out. On the days when I step on the scale, and it says I’m TWENTY POUNDS LIGHTER than I was a few months ago, you’re damn right I’m gonna be in pretty good mood. Woohoooooo! It’s doesn’t even matter that I have a wicked cold, my lips are all chapped up, and my knees hurt. So I’m not excruciatingly healthy, I’m thinner! Oh what? I’m getting off message? So sue me. No, it’s not twenty pounds from when I started eating like a cockatiel, but let’s say since Thanksgiving. And what is more satisfying than getting into new jeans? Getting into old ones. Oh yeah…

It remains relatively easy for me to continue to eat healthy foods and eschew foods that I know I love, but are unhealthy. And I wonder why that is. I have often flipped open magazines to the inspiring stories of successful weight loss, you know, the ones with the before and after pictures of a woman who went from being a size 22w to being a personal trainer and triathlete. They all say, “If I could do it, anyone can.” I always wondered why I couldn’t. But I am here to tell you, if I can do this, anyone can. What I have come to believe is that being overweight is the same as being unhealthy. If you try to lose weight by cutting calories and substituting Splenda for sugar, it’s not going to happen. But if you embrace the beauty of vegetables and real food, and you acknowledge that sugar and butter and white flour are basically harmful, you will start to get healthier.

To my foodie pro friends, here’s how I see it: You know how the food you make tastes, you don’t need to keep eating it every day. Imagine the mess I’d be in if I tried every pill I passed out. I just trust that they work. I’m serious. There was a time when steaks and cakes were luxuries to be eaten rarely and savored. Meanwhile, I can’t make you eat your vegetables, but I wish you would. I worry about you.





  1. sherry says:

    Well said! We’ve moved so far away from the source, we readily believe the synthetic substitutes for food can meet our needs without dire consequences. Ulch! You are on the right path to inspire people to inch back closer to the source of our food and ourselves! Thanks for posting; keep up the good work!!

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