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Get with the program?

April 4, 2011 by Laura

Whoa, nothing gets me going faster than seeing “0 views” when I check my stats counter. Look! Over here! A new post!

Sorry I haven’t posted, I’ve been too busy losing weight. I have lost about 21 pounds in 10 weeks. I am down 2-3 pants sizes. One of my friends came in to work yesterday and actually didn’t recognize me (from the back).

Recently two of my friends told me they had embarked on the Nutritarian path (my words) along with me. Nothing could be more gratifying than knowing I am making an impact! Oh, I mean, “nothing could be more gratifying than knowing that people I care about are taking their health seriously.” Nothing.

If you are thinking about following my example (and you should—you should also send me money and start referring to me as “O Svelte One”) here’s what you need to know:

1. You really ought to at least read one of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books. They spell it all out.

2. The first week to 10 days are not easy if you rely on bread, dairy, salt, sugar and animal products for a substantial portion of your calories (and who doesn’t?).

3. You will lose weight like crazy, your skin will glow and you’ll feel better.

4. You will want to write a blog to explain your eating habits to everyone.

5. You don’t have to become a vegan or vegetarian.

Yesterday, I was explaining to a different co-worker how I was losing weight, and she said,”What a boring diet!” Ok, look, how exciting is your diet? I mean, beforehand my diet was not that exciting: Roast chicken, brown rice, broccoli, repeat. Snack: bread with cheese. I don’t think most of us have especially tantalizing day to day eating habits. And furthermore (I shake my fist at you), furthermore, why are you looking to food for excitement?? Food is nourishment, not entertainment. Or something like that. I’m not sure I believe that entirely, but I am working up some kind of hypothesis. Something like “the more entertaining food is, the less healthy it is likely to be.” Case and point here and here.

It is interesting to note how much of our identity is wrapped up in our food choices. My ego is/was really tied up in my consumption of cheeses, breads, charcuterie, delicious adult beverages… If you find yourself worrying what other people will think of you if you start eating healthy foods, it’s time to re-examine your relationship with food.  If you find yourself with people who judge you harshly, mock you, or discourage you from trying to take care of yourself, it’s time to re-examine your relationships with people.

I am trying not to get all soapboxy, but I can’t help myself. After all, it’s my blog.



  1. Ben says:

    So I was about to ask you about going to pastry school…

    • Anonymous says:

      go for it!

      Actually, I can still fall back on that if the RN thing doesn’t work out,
      right? 😉

  2. Jess says:

    I love it when you get all soapboxy.

  3. Chandra says:

    So I’m not ready to go all Nutritarian, but it may please you to know that in my house we are eating obscene amounts of Kale and other ANDI allstars on a daily basis (as well as planting them in our garden). This is, in large part, a result of your fancy blog. Thank you for the inspiration my happy, healthy and glowing friend.

  4. Jmslater1 says:

    Swiss chard is our new chocolate!! Talk about glowing skin–
    I think I am seeing fewer smile lines and crow’s feet–something to be said for maturing eyesight.
    You are keeping us on track, Laura. You go, girl!
    x0 Mom

  5. Libby says:

    Like it !

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