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December 29, 2012 by Laura

I love how since the advent of Facebook, I experience my life through the filter of “in what fascinating and witty way will I describe this particular experience of my life?” I think it makes me a better communicator (To everyone except the people I actually talk to, but that’s another topic, and it won’t make me thinner healthier. Except when I blog instead of eating, which makes me feel like an athlete and a starving writer. Love that. And yes, I do think in dependent clauses).

I “ran” again today. Childhood friend Penny informed me, “I did that once. It gets better. I stopped at week 4 tho… ” so that was encouraging not really. I like it when people say things like, “You could do a 5k tomorrow if you had to.” No I couldn’t. First of all, I am now running 60 seconds in a row, and my lungs are trying to escape the confines of my ribcage, my esophagus is peeling, and I have cerebrospinal fluid leaking from my ears. And under what circumstances would I have to run a 5k tomorrow? That would be the day before St. Patrick’s Day 2013, when I am signed up to do a 5k, a date deliberately chosen to coincide with the end of 10 weeks of training for a 5k. How much more evidence of my out-of-shapeness do you need? Don’t answer that.

As the day has worn on, I have become acutely aware of the ball socket joints of my hips. I think it’s run of the mill and not time to replace them yet.

While the exercise portion of this has already started, the full-on clean living doesn’t start until 2013. There are ingredients to purchase, ingredients to use up, beers not to be shared… Dinner menus to plan… Have I mentioned my weariness of dinner?

This time around I am really going to be leaning on you to keep me going. I think I lack the crazy evangelical Nutritarian fire that burned in 2010-11.

Does anyone need a bridesmaid?

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