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June, 2011

  1. Day 1 results

    June 29, 2011 by Laura

    It’s funny how one day I can be feeling all svelte and self-congratulatory, having lost a bunch of weight, and the next day, with no physical change, can decide that I feel fat. What a crock of shit the mind is. I’m feeling back on track now.

    First of all, that Banana Surprise Breakfast, or whatever it’s called, is fantastic. I kid you not, it is really good. I didn’t have pomegranate juice, so I subbed soy milk. I make it every day now. Other gastronomic re-discovery: Collard leaves as tortillas. Cut the spine out of the raw collard leaf; spread almond butter (I’m thinking of you, Elie Perez) on the leaf, sliced banana on that & roll ‘er up. Surprisingly tasty, and it builds hippie cred.

    So I’m down 4, count ’em, 4 pounds from when I re-started. Wasting away, really… sigh.

    Interestingly, people have commented on how “skinny” I am now. Granted I’ve lost a bunch of weight, but the scale doesn’t say “skinny;” my BMI doesn’t say “skinny;” and my clothes are not size skinny. When I say I have 15 more pounds to go (actually 11 now), I get that sort of sideways, bewildered dog look, as if I’d just said I was planning to vote for Michelle Bachman. And then comes the “What? No, you don’t have to lose more weight!” Like that’s so silly! And then there are the ones who ask,”Are you still doing that crazy vegetable diet?” Sorry I mentioned it.

    I think we’ve forgotten what healthy looks like. More and more–and this is the crux of the whole Nutritarian argument– what’s normal is not what’s healthy. I mean, I was a pretty normal college student. If I’d continued to behave like a normal college student into my forties, I’d be a normal ICU patient.

    So I wondered what “normal” is these days. I found on the CDC web site that the average measurements for an adult woman in the US are 5’3.8″ and 164.7 pounds. I plugged these measurements into the handy dandy BMI calculator and lo and behold, average is solidly overweight. And although I am below average weight, I am still in the overweight camp. Fat camp?

    Oh, another thing is that I’ve become super judgmental. Just kidding, I’ve always been super judgmental. Now I’m judgmental and slightly contemptuous. A winning combination, to be sure. I now think fake food is a sign of low IQ. You want to offer me Coffee-mate? I’m going to assume your parents were related.

    Holy shit, look at this fun FAQ about Coffee-Mate:


    COFFEE-MATE Liquid and Powder products are non-dairy and are Kosher according to the Orthodox Union (as indicated by the “O.U.” symbol). As a courtesy, we place a “D” next to the kosher symbol (O.U.) to alert those who adhere to strict religious practices. COFFEE-MATE contains an ingredient called sodium caseinate, which is a milk derivative, though it’s classified as a non-dairy product. How is this so? When sodium caseinate is processed, it is so materially altered that both dairy scientists and government regulators no longer regard it as a true dairy substance. This is why sodium caseinate can be an ingredient in non-dairy products, according to FDA, regulation 21 CFR 101.4 (d). Sodium caseinate is also not a source of lactose.

    Oh my  God. What is wrong with people? IT”S NOT FOOD!!

    Ok, I have to go to bed now. Sweet dreams. Naturally sweet, that is.





  2. Vegan Pad Thai Serves As Red Meat In A Food Fight : NPR

    June 18, 2011 by Laura

    More from the entertainment sphere. Upper West Side divas duke it out in Trader Joe’s…


    Vegan Pad Thai Serves As Red Meat In A Food Fight : NPR.

  3. YouTube – Whole Foods Parking Lot – Music Video [HD]

    June 17, 2011 by Laura

    “Your the most annoying dude I’ve ever seen, Bra. Now would you please move, you’re right in front of the quinoa.” Classic.



    YouTube – Whole Foods Parking Lot – Music Video [HD].

  4. When Food Kills –

    June 12, 2011 by Laura

    When Food Kills –

    Nicholas Kristof’s essay in today’s NYT describes the problem of widespread antibiotic over-use in livestock, and the subsequent development of drug-resistant pathogens in the environment.

  5. Day 1 all over again

    June 10, 2011 by Laura

    Well, I’ve been away to deal with some family “issues” which themselves could be a whole other blog. I had most of this post written, and sadly it’s still relevant a month later. Here it is, finished. But after this I’m working on a righteous tirade on our food supply.

    When I started this endeavor, the scale said I was in the 170’s. I am now flirting with 140’s, but keep bouncing back to 151. Damn damn damn. So now I have to re-dedicate myself to this, because in addition to trying to be Excruciatingly Healthy, I have joined The Biggest Loser at work — a friendly competition with a small wager. One thing I am not is excruciatingly competitive. I tend to say, “The hell with it, I’m taking my checkers and going home. I don’t need the aggravation.” Don’t get me wrong, I like to win–who doesn’t? But I’m one of those, “Hey, good game, if it couldn’t be me, I’m glad it was you” types. Also, in a passive – aggressive move, I might just forfeit. You win. Smirk. Does that make me a quitter? hmmmm…

    What was I talking about?

    Right, so the scale is stuck at 150.8. Also, I notice the toxic hunger sensation creeping in, because I’ve been snacking on whole wheat pita & hummus in non-nutritarian proportions. This stuff is real, people. Suddenly, I’m thinking, “Oh my God I’m STARVING!!” Which I haven’t thought for a while. So with a fridge full of kale and chard and cheez, I’m going to start from Day 1 again.

    What was Day 1? It probably wasn’t the weird hamburger helper type meal I just made in an effort to empty the freezer of all ingredients that had taken up a long term lease on the shelf space. Let’s see, shall we? (Cue the blurry flashback effect here):

    Breakfast: Quick Banana Breakfast to Go

    Lunch: Raw Vegetables (broccoli, carrots, and red pepper), Russian Fig Dressing/Dip, Black Bean Lettuce Bundles, Melon

    Dinner: Quinoa Bean Salad, High Cruciferous Vegetable Stew, Apple Surprise or fresh fruit.

    Oh, man, really? I have strayed far.

    So the banana breakfast is this: 2 cups frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats, 1/3 cup pomegranate juice, 2 tablespoons dried currants, 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts, 1 tablespoon raw sunflower seeds, 2 bananas sliced.

    Combine it all & heat in a microwave for 3 minutes. Serves 2.

    I don’t think I ever made this, so I am going to put it together tonight so it’s ready to go in the a.m. Wish me luck! Again!